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About Us

We built Dog Parks Near Me because we love our pups. In our experience, finding a quality dog park is hard - our goal is to speed up your search.

While there are apps out there that have a similar purpose, we've found that most of them have two major flaws: 1.) they're clunky and difficult to navigate or 2.) they list very few locations. We genuinely believe we've solved both of these issues.

Our site is lean and has a single purpose: to quickly show you lots of dog parks near your location using an easy-to-navigate, intuitive map. We've compiled over 5000 locations from across the world (and are regularly adding more!). Each place can be viewed on an interactive map alongside other, nearby dog parks.

We also provide square footage data - no more driving halfway across town only to find out the field you had your eye on is actually a small lot the size of a gas station!

We regularly update the site and love getting user feedback - if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to reach out anytime and Contact Us.

Finally, what self-respecting dog-owner would pass up an opportunity to show the world their dogs:

Two Blue Heeler puppies looking at the camera